Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Friday July 24, 1998 - Ottawa

Sunny and cool.

It's going to be hard to do a day by day description of my stay in Ottawa. Most of the time I was staying with my friend Liz and we just hung out. I used to live in Ottawa so other than visiting old haunts I didn't really want to do much sightseeing. Mornings Liz and I would drink coffee, chat and have baths before setting out on whatever the day's activities were. Liz has an apartment in the Glebe which makes most of downtown Ottawa fairly handy if you don't mind walking and I don't.

Also I didn't take any photos! Hence the postcard...

Today I set out down Elgin Avenue looking for an internet connection. I tried calling the library but they were closed Friday mornings and I couldn't get through in the afternoon. I did find a computer store that charged $7 an hour for internet access which seemed like a lot but there was nothing else so I booked an hour. I had nothing but trouble, the connection kept dropping and I kept losing whatever I was working on (mostly email). It was very frustrating. When I left the guy charged me $2, saying, "seemed like 15 minutes to me, and I don't think anyone else was timing it."

After that I got a Lois and Fram's waffle ice cream cone and went back to Liz's. We went out to the Barley Mow with Jim, her boyfriend, their favourite local pub. Met their real estate agent there too, they are looking for a house to move in together.

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