Friday, July 20, 2018

Monday July 20, 1998 - Manitoba

Ste Rose du Lac - cool, windy and rainy.

I got up early and had another shower on the theory that it was best to take advantage when you could, and then headed into Saskatoon. I got another Canada map at the CAA office and gas (expensive at $0.56 but I had Domo 4 cents off coupons), and then headed out on a back road to Manitoba, north of Dauphin. I took photos of canola and flax fields, the huge fields of yellow and blue flowers were pretty amazing.

I stopped for supper just north of Dauphin and then continued on a while and spent the night in a roadside rest area. This part of Manitoba, west of Lake Winnipegosis, is referred to as parkland. It's flat as prairie and where cleared it looks like prairie, but its natural cover is aspen and cottonwood.

Manitoba parkland
Where I ended up spending the night was in a free municipal campground on the edge of a small town east of Dauphin. Next to the campground was a large religious grotto.

Most of this part of Saskatchewan and Manitoba is largely Ukrainian with churches with cupolas and Croix de Lorraine. But the Dauphin area is French.

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