Monday, July 23, 2018

Thursday July 23, 1998 - Ontario

Last night I stayed at a roadside rest area west of Hearst and east of Fushimi Park. I woke to yet more cold and rain, it had rained all night. I just got up and made breakfast, fed Yohan and took off. Later on further down the road I stopped and actually ate my breakfast. I spent most of the day driving.

I saw a red fox in Mattice and a moose. I slowed down when I saw it in the bulrushes beside the raod and it saw me and ran into the woods. It looked like a humped back donkey with its long ears. Othere than that I did not see much of interest, this is not exactly the scenic route.

From the Manitoba border to Nipigon the Trans-Canada highway is Highways 11 and 17 combined. At Nipigon Highway 11 goes north and Highway 17 continues east; Highway 17 at this point is the Trans-Canada. The two highways intersect again at North Bay just east of Sudbury, Highway 17 continues on eastward to Ottawa while Highway 11 heads southward to Toronto, eventually becoming Yonge Street, the longest Main Street in Canada (and probably the world) because it is the Main Street of every town along the way.

I phoned my friend Liz in Ottawa from North Bay to say that I planned to stay in North Bay tonight and arrive in Ottawa tomorrow. But she said I may as well just keep driving to Ottawa, she would wait up for me. So that is what I did. I had a sanwich for supper at North Bay and then drove pretty much non-stop to Ottawa. At March Road in Kanata I got off the highway to see the stars, first time since I don't know when, maybe last autumn? I used to work at Mitel in Kanata so I took a turn through Kanata to drive past the Mitel building, just for old times' sake. Saw a raccoon there. I actually felt a little nostalgic for those days at Mitel. I continued down Carling Avenue all the way to Liz's, arriving there just after midnight. We chatted for a while before going to bed just after 2 am.

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