Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tuesday July 21, 1998 - Manitoba

Somewhere west of Thunder Bay - cool, windy and rainy.

I continued on across to Lake Winnipeg and then down the shore to Gimli. When I was camping in BC someone told me that I really should visit Gimli so that was part of the reason that I was travelling through Manitoba north of Winnipeg. But I would still have to go to Winnipeg because it is on the Trans-Canada and the only way to get from Manitoba to Ontario is on the Trans-Canada.

Gimli birdhouses
Gimli is an Icelandic town. It was kind of picturesque but I'm not sure I would go around telling people they must see it. It has a marina and a fishing boat harbour on Lake Winnipeg, and there was a long wharf out into the lake with a concrete wall along one side of the wharf. The local art club is filling the wall with murals.

Gimli wharf and murals

Some were completed last year, some this year and some were still being painted while I was there. When they finish a painting it is coated with an anti-graffiti shiny clear coat of something or other. Gimli also sports a fighter plane on a post and a giant birdhouse tower.

I ended up driving through the Portage and Main intersection in downtown Winnipeg several times because I kept making wrong turns and trying to get back to it. But I finally got through and onto the Trans-Canada eastbound. I kept driving until quite late at night and then turned off at a sign for a boat ramp. I followed a dirt road for 8 km through the bush in the dark before reaching a lake. I didn't see a boat ramp but there was a bit of beach so I parked there beside the water and went to bed. I have figured out that the mosquitoes come in through cracks on either side of the tailgate so I am using newspaper to block them. I still have to spend 15 minutes killing the mosquitoes that get in before I have closed everything up, but after that I get a bug-free night.

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