Saturday, July 28, 2018

Tuesday July 28, 1998 - Ottawa

Cloudy with rain.

Yohan's diarrhea is no better so I took him to a local vet. He diagnosed gastroenteritis and prescribed Pepto-Bismal and an antibiotic. I have to force it down his throat (the vet also prescribed no food for 24 hours) which is awful. He bites and snarls, he cut my hand twice.

Liz and I walked to the Market and had lunch at Bistro 615. We talked to a woman at the next table who was visiting from San Jose. We took the bus home and then later Liz drove me to Mexicali Rosa's where I was to meet a friend from Mitel for dinner. The friend did most of the talking, about her recent separation from her husband, how weird he was being, her fears of being laid off at work and her new house. I talked a bit about my own family. It started to rain really hard while we were there and since we were seated on the patio we moved indoors.

I phoned Liz to pick me up and she said I'd have to wait because she was busy. A bit annoying since it was her idea to drive me there in the first place, I could have just driven myself. Oh well.

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