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Friday August 7, 1998 - Nova Scotia

On a PEI clay road
Wolfville - sunny and warm.

Today was a kind of mixed up day. Cindy had to go to town in the morning and no one knew when Karl would arrive home. As it turned out Karl couldn't get in until late so Cindy decided to come home instead of waiting for him in Charlottetown. Cindy's oldest son Justin had left two trout on the counter for me. Nicholas showed me how to clean them, he did one and I did the other. Later Justin woke up and I asked him about fish flies and so forth (he makes his own). He said there were lots of fish and he really "hammered" them, but only caught two little ones. After looking in cookbooks, which weren't much help, I finally floured and fried them with lemon juice. After picking out the backbone and ribs they weren't bad.

Harris church

Another church

PEI potato field
When Cindy got home we went through her garden and she picked some stuff for me, cucumbers, cabbage, beets and broccoli. I eventually packed up and left the farm around 3.00 pm. I didn't take the ferry because there were line-ups for that, instead I took the coast road to the bridge and got there around 5.00 pm. I took a few photos of churches and red clay roads along the way.

Across the bridge there was a short trip through New Brunswick to the border of Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia I took the coast road through Spring Hill, Parrsboro and Bass River (where they make Bass River chairs) because I had never been in that part of the province before. In Parrsboro there was a little geological/dinosaur museum and the Kipawo, the old steamship that used to run through the Minas Basin between Kingsport, Parrsboro and Wolfville (Ki-Pa-Wo). Jack Sheriff of Wolfville mounted a big fundraising campaign to bring the old boat back to Wolfville; he envisaged using it as a kind of floating theatre in the tiny Wolfville Harbour. However, one thing and another, it ended up in Parrsboro. It looked terrible, all covered up in tarps, but apparently they are using it for theatrical productions.

Just outside of Truro I called Fritz and Carolyn who I will be staying with and they recommended coming through the Rawden Hills, Highway 236 via Maitland and Kennetcook. Which I did, arriving in Wolfville around 10.30 pm. Fritz stayed up a bit after I arrived there, Carolyn and I were up till 2.00 am.

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Joared said...

Oh, those trout sound so inviting. I ate my first fresh trout in Lake Tahoe years ago — so good! I’ve never trout fished, in fact only did fly fishing once and would liked to have done more. Did other fresh water fishing with casting rod and good ole cane pole, cleaning fish, etc. Would like to have done some ocean fishing.