Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sunday August 16, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - humid, sunny and hot.

In the morning I had breakfast with Mel and we chatted. On my way back to the Valley I stopped for gas and saw that my gas mileage was way down. When I got back to the Valley I stopped at Kelly's Irving in Grand Pré and arranged to bring the truck in first thing Monday for a new oxygen sensor. Got back to Fritz and Carolyn's, did some laundry and packing, and watched a video, Eve's Bayou and then parts of a second video, Bonfire of the Vanities. They were both good. Carolyn went to a concert with her sister and I took Yohan for a walk on the dikes. Later, like around midnight, we visited Carolyn's sister and her husband for a brandy. They live in Harry How's old place, just down the road from my old place.

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