Thursday, August 9, 2018

Sunday August 9, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - sunny and hot.

Fritz went up the North Mountain to Baxter's Harbour with his friend James. Later Carolyn and I did the same thing. We stopped at their house in the Harbour for water and conversation, and then walked to Mike and Ruth's, the clearing where my old house used to be, and the old garden house. We looked at herbs in the garden out front. It was a really nice day, way too hot in the Valley and some warm in the Harbour. For local farmers this weather is too hot and dry.

Fritz and James left before we did and were going to start a chicken barbecue back at the house in town. Carolyn and I got home later and Fritz had made vegetable and potato salads. Kurt (their son) started the barbecue and I did the chicken. Careolyn rented a movie, Good Will Hunting, which eventually she and I watched. James went home and Fritz went back to the Harbour to watch the sun set with their daughter Erica.

It was nice being on the land in the Harbour, frustrating not remembering plant names. My old house location looks very bare, even the birches that were around the house are gone. The fire took it all. The house burned down five years ago but I had not lived there in a very long time, so the feelings of loss are long since abated. It's too bad but oh well.

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