Monday, August 13, 2018

Thursday August 13, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - sunny and cool.

I booked some time on the public library computer for 11.00 am and then went for a drive just because I was feeling restless. I booked a ferry trip to Newfoundland for next week, August 19, and returning on August 27. I had thought I would go to Port aux Basques and return from Argentia, with the intention of visiting both the west coast and St. John's. But a friend advised me to just do one or the other and his opinion was to skip St. John's. So I booked the return trip out of Port aux Basques with the intention of just staying on the west coast of Newfoundland. And it seems like it is a lot easier to change a ferry booking here than on the west coast, so I could return earlier if I wanted to.

I drove down to the South Shore to visit Peter and Barbara who live just outside of Mahone Bay. They weren't home but instead there was a young fellow with no hair and a nose ring who said that Barbara was at work at the Lunenburg Public Library. I drove down toward Lunenburg but turned off just before at Second Peninsula. About 3.5 km in there is a provincial picnic park, with a stoney beach and picnic tables in the woods. There was only one other car there. I decided to stop awhile and ended up spending several hours there: tidying the truck, having a cup of tea, sitting on the beach, lying in the grass. Made me realize how much I like being on the road, camping in the woods.

Around 5 pm I left the picnic park and continued down the peninsula road. I saw Peter on his bike. I stopped and met him at the beach that Barbara and I had spent time at the last time I visited them, a few years ago. We chatted and went for a swim, he invited me back to their house for supper. Peter biked home and I drove, but I stopped in Mahone Bay to buy dogfood. We ended up arriving at their house at the same time. Barbara arrived home from work a little while later. We drank beer and ate a nice supper and reminisced about the old days living in the Valley. I left their place sometime after 10 pm and drove back to Wolfville.

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