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Thursday August 20, 1998 - Newfoundland

Trout River Pond
Trout River - clear and sunny, then clouding over and rainy

I got up early, around 5.20am Nova Scotia time (5.50am Newfoundland time) to get ready to debark. I spent a few minutes in the onboard museum reading excerpts from a diary of a family in which several generations worked on the ferry and kept notes. Once off the ferry I made breakfast for Yohan and me at the Visitors' Centre just outside Port aux Basques. There are no trees for miles, I suspect long since cut down for firewood.

I drove up the west coast and turned off on the road to Shallop Cove to follow the shore to Stephenville and then out on the Port au Port Peninsula. I took the backroad around Port au Port Bay to Lourdes and then turned around and went back. It is a very poor road, hilly, windy and not a lot to see. The weather was alternately rainy and sunny.

Getting back on the main road I drove into Corner Brook to get some cash and gas. It is the biggest town on this coast, a regular city centre. After leaving Corner Brook I continued on to Red Deer and then turned off on the road to Gros Morne (rt. 430). I reached Gros Morne around 3.30 or 4.00 pm.

On the advice of the Visitor Centre I decided to stay at the Trout River Pond campground. It took an hour to get there and it was rainy most of the time. The campground is set on a hill above the Pond, looking down the Trout River valley behind the Tablelands. Yohan and I walked down to the Pond, saw moose and bear tracks and a bog moose poop. "Ponds" here are lakes anywhere else. The Trout River Pond is actually two ponds, the campground being on the lower one. It is quite a spectacular view down the valley.

I went to bed early because of the rain.

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