Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tuesday August 18, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere - cool and cloudy.

We all slept in until the vegetable lady came at 11.30 am. She delivers fresh veggies, preserves and baked goods to the local cottages every Tuesday. I spent the day making oat cakes, vegetable buns, rice and veggies for my next upcoming trip to Newfoundland. Carolyn rented two movies that have seen before but liked: Mother and Rainmaker. We went to the Green Bay canteen for a supper of Digby clams and fish and chips. We were going to walk but the dogs were following us so we ended up driving. Carolyn's sister's cat Buttons showed up, her sister had forgotten to take the cat home with her. I fed the cat some of Yohan's food. I tried to call Sam again but I was 15 minutes too late, he had already left for Katimavik.

Today was the most rain Nova Scotia has gotten since the spring, almost an inch fell.

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