Sunday, August 19, 2018

Wednesday August 19, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere - cool and cloudy, clearing later.

I got up early, around 8 am but everyone else slept in. The morning was peaceful, you could hear the ocean waves on the rocky beach in one direction and cows mooing in the other. We watched the loons out on the water. This is such a nice spot. The cabin was built in several stages as the family expanded. It's funny carpentry and not well laid out, but it's comfortable.

I hung around until 2 in the afternoon and then headed out to the ferry terminal in North Sydney. I stopped to withdraw cashe and buy dog food and gas, but otherwise drove straight through. I boarded the ferry to Port aux Basques just before midnight.

Yohan had to stay in the truck but I had booked a berth in a dormitory, which was a large room with 50 or so bunk beds. Each bunk had a narrow vinyl covered mattress, a pillow and a small grey wool blanket. I used my down sleeping bag and went right to sleep after trading bunks with a woman whose family was spread around the dormitory in several bunks.

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