Sunday, August 26, 2018

Wednesday August 26, 1998 - Newfoundland

Margaree River - rainy and windy.

I woke up early and after breakfast I drove back toward Western Brook Pond to get a photo, then on toward the ferry back to Cape Breton. I stopped at Rocky Harbour and the little town on the peninsula to see if I could get photos of the Tablelands.

It was cloudy and I drove south it got windy and rainy. I stopped in Corner Brook for cash and at a campground whose name I forget just to see what it was like. It's the campground where the highway turns east toward St. John's. There's a mountain there you can climb and a"pond". Large campground and very nice with lots of private sites many of which are right by the pond.

The weather got worse. Just before Port aux Basques I turned off for Cape Ray and parked in a little picnic area by a beach. It was quite windy but not raining when I stopped. However it soon started to rain while I was making supper. Everything got wet. I couldn't put up my tarp because of the wind. I made rice and vegetables and as soon as I could I got back in the truck to the ferry. I ate my dinner in the truck waiting for the ferry.

I boarded the ferry and left Port aux Basques at 5.00pm. The ferry had a lounge with a band playing and a TV with a couple of crappy movies. I read for a long time (Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald), then wandered around the ferry for a while. I was very tired. Finally I snuck down to the car deck and climbed into the back of my truck to get an hour of sleep before we arrived in NOrth Sydney. The door on the ferry jammed in North Sydney so it was a good 15 minutes before they could let anyone off. I got gas for the truck and just started driving toward Margaree Harbour. I had no idea where I would stop to sleep, but halfway up the Margaree Valley there was a very nice provincial picnic park on the river, so I stopped there. Got to bed at 1.30am.

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