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Wednesday August 5, 1998 - PEI

In Charlottetown.
Fanningbrook - sunny and hot.

Today Cindy had to go to town for a meeting and I needed to buy dogfood and get some camera film developed, so we drove to Charlottetown in my truck, leaving Yohan at the farm. I walked around downtown Charlottetown, which is kind of a miniature Halfiax. Province House is so small! We did our errands and went back to the farmand this time had an early supper of steak and potatoes. The steaks were from their own cows.

Causeway to Panmure Island.
After supper we (Cindy, Mark, Yohan and I) drove to Panmure Island which is a little island joined to the main island by a causeway. We got ice cream cones at the beach. I talked to an older couple on mopeds for awhile and then we toured a lighthouse. The couple were from New York, had driven the Dempster when it was still under construction, and have come to PEI every summer for the past 20 years. they asked about Haida Gwaii, which is the only Canadian place they have not yet visited (but want to). They strongly recommended visiting Newfoundland and Labrador.

Panmure lighthouse.

View from the lighthouse.
The lighthouse was six-sided and still in use but automated. We went up all the way to the light while Cindy and the lady giving the tour talked about all kinds of local events. We asked whether she knew of any Harris churches and she directed us to one near Sturgeon. Harris churches were all designed by William Harris, a nineteenth century architec who designed many churches in PEI and Nova Scotia.

Wooden Harris church.
The first Harris church we saw was on the way to Cabot Beach, a large black and white wooden church. The one in Sturgeon (St. Paul's) was half sandstone and half white painted wood, built in 1888. I took photos but I think it might have been too dark. We drove back to the farm in the dark.

Mark and friend.

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Continuing to enjoy your photos on a driving trip I’d love to have taken when younger.