Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Friday September 4, 1998 - Nova Scotia


I wrote some email at the library and then met Carolyn and her sister at the Baptist Church, where Heather was trying to pick music for the Sunday service. I enjoyed sitting in the church listening to her play different pieces. Then we went to the Coffee Merchant for lunch on the patio; I had chili and a bagel with cream cheese. Carolyn had to go to Rafuse Building Supplies to pick up some gyprock and I was going to stop by The Odd Book and meet her later at Rafuse. On my way to Rafuse I ran into Sam Vander Kloet who suggested I come by the Biology Department for coffee at 3.00pm.

We loaded the gyprock onto my truck roof rack. Erica wants to trade rooms with Kurt and Carolyn is removing all the shingles in Kurt's room and replacing them with the gyprock. It is turning into a bigger job than expected and she wants it all done by the weekend. I am kind of reluctant to help because it is such an unpleasant job. Anyway, after we got the sheets into the basement we drove over to Heather's place to see her floor. They have a family room with a rough plywood floor which they have stained to look like tiles. It is quite impressive, it looks like the real thing.

I went to the Biology Department for afternoon coffee at 3.00pm. I recognized most of the people there and some of them even remembered me. Sam was talking about whether to retire, he says that if he does they won't be replacing him and there won't be any botanists in the department. But he will probably get to keep his office space and his blueberry plants.

I started cleaning up the truck in preparation for leaving and Isaac and Gretel showed up around 6.00pm. They made sandwiches and then we walked down town with Yohan to get fruit drinks at The Main Squeeze. We walked back after dark (a nearly full moon) and Gretel went immediately to bed. Isaac, Carolyn and I watched "Fierce Animals" then I went to bed on the livingroom couch. Fritz had gone out and returned around 2.00am.

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