Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Saturday September 5, 1998 - Nova Scotia


We spent most of the morning chatting. Isaac and Gretel left to go visit Wenega (in Baxter's Harbour) and I did some baking and food preparation for the next leg of my journey. I wasn't feeling well and had an earache which I have been treating with ear drops that Carolyn gave me. I was talking to Dennis yesterday who was really sick with the flu so I'm taking lots of vitamin C, echinacea and garlic in hopes of not coming down with it.

Isaac and Gretel returned from the Harbour around 7.00pm and we all had lasagna for supper. Then people started arriving: Lin, Aunah, James, Chris and Trish, as well as Fritz and Carolyn, Isaac and Gretel, and myself. It was a really nice time reminiscing, looking at old photos, discussing Heather's thesis about intentional communities, and so forth. Chris brought beer and Isaac contributed wine.

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