Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tuesday September 1, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - warm and sunny.

I went to the library to book some time on the computer at noon, then spent an hour doing errands in town until then. I was going to return to Carolyn's via Highland Avenue, but ran out of gas half way up the hill. I had been running on near empty until I could get cheaper gas in New Minas but I guess I didn't make it. I walked over to Judy's to phone Carolyn who wasn't home. Judy drove me over there and I picked up a half liter of lawn mower gas and then we went to where I had left the truck. With the half liter of gas I drove to the gas station to fill up and replace the lawn mower gas. I went back to Judy's to thank her and she invited me in for lunch. She also gave me a whole bunch of tomatoes for Carolyn but I ended up eating most of them because they were so good. Carolyn returned home later and we went to New Minas to shop for groceries and pick up some camera film I had left for developing. We rented the movie "Kundun" which we watched that evening. I phoned Isaac in PEI and he agreed to come to Wolfville on Friday, so I will be staying here until the weekend. I did a big laundry.

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