Monday, November 19, 2018

November winter

Looks like winter is coming a little early this year. Snow in the air, ice on the ground, and temperatures low enough to prevent thawing.

Last week the wind blew so hard that my woodpile fell over. Had to restack it in the cold wind because the snow was coming and I wanted it back in place before that. But stacking in the wind meant it got thoroughly tested for stability, I am pretty sure it isn't going to fall over again.

November ducks of a previous year
I was at the reservoir early this morning and saw the last of the ducks leaving. Normally they wouldn't leave until well into December, but already one pond has frozen over and ice is forming in the other pond. Yesterday there were hundreds of ducks there, this morning there were maybe a couple dozen and by the time I left there were none. They were leaving in groups of 5 or more, heading down to the river I think. If we have a huge warm spell they might come back, but I doubt it. It was so nice to listen to them quacking in the morning, but now they're gone and I will miss them.

I did get my bird feeder up though so I can enjoy the chickadees and blue jays and finches and such. Today three jays staked out the feeder and chased off every bird that tried to approach. The chickadees waited them out and eventually the jays grew tired of the game and left. Then there was a flurry of finches at the feeder and juncoes and a mourning dove on the ground below.

I will miss the ducks though.


Wisewebwoman said...

The restacking must have been exhausting. I wouldn't have been able. You're a few years behind me so I follow your aging process along with my own.

Not as cold here on the Edge and very little snow so far tho forecasted for this weekend. I cancelled my plans to the country as I'm just not as brave anymore about driving in snow.

Love the ducks and the geese.


Annie said...

The restacking was tiring, I spread it out over two days. Yes, every year I feel the ebbing away of energy, but am determined to do as much as possible as long as possible. I remember you ran the Tely 10 and I thought then that's way beyond what I could do!

needs you deserve said...
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