Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I think it might be Spring

This is the frustrating part of Spring, still lots of ice and the temperature swings wildly between below freezing and almost-T-shirt temps. Snow flurries, rain and sun. I can see funny little soil bumps in the garden where tulips are about to push through and the birds are not visiting my birdfeeder near as much (they're too busy nesting). On nice days I've been doing a bit of yardwork in preparation for gardening season.

I've been thinking about preparations for Hapi's demise. My son told me a couple of things about Hiro's last days that made me think that I should be prepared. One is, Hiro spent his last days on my son's bed, Hapi cannot do that because my bed is too high for her to get up on. So I have spent the last few days figuring out how to lower my bed so she can get up. Not that she cares, she has never expressed an interest in sleeping on my bed, but maybe that will change. Another is, I realize that taking a very large dog in pain to the vet's office for euthanasia is just not realistic, I need to talk to the vet about house calls.

Not that I am expecting this to happen in the near future, but the time from my son realizing Hiro was in trouble to the time of death was only a matter of days, I need to be prepared. Most of Hiro's early symptoms were simply signs of old age: stiff joints, increasing lack of energy, and the occasional falter in gait. Hapi has all of those on occasion, but I'm still thinking it's just old age. Another vet conversation. I've decided that I won't be taking heroic measures, but comfort is important.

And I have a kayak expedition coming up in May, very exciting. Already have Hapi's dogsitter lined up, he lives just around the corner so Hapi can stay home while I'm away. This time we won't be camping but rather staying at a lodge on a lake at a seriously discounted price ('winter season'). Hopefully we'll be out there before the black fly become awful but after the ice is gone. So exciting!

I've been off Facebook for a month now. I thought I'd pop back on briefly to let my Facebook friends know what I've done, but every time I think of doing that I just don't feel like it. I was talking to another son over the weekend and he mentioned that he had told my DIL that I was off FB but still on Instagram. I had told him previously that the one thing I miss from FB is that DIL's posts about her kids. So she has decided to move her activity to Instagram, and sure enough I am starting to see her posts there. Sweet!

Two of my grandsons have Instagram accounts so I see their posts as well. One of them is very quirky, as only a 12/13 yo boy can be. I was supposed to Skype with him on his birthday recently but he was having a serious meltdown so the Skype got postponed to the next day. I've never seen a kid who could throw a tantrum like he could when he was a toddler, apparently he has honed his skills in that department now that he is officially a teenager.


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh this is a tough one, Annie, planning for the inevitable not knowing the time or place. My niece confronted that recently and I believe she left it a bit too late. It is so hard, especially as in her case there was enormous vet fees to pay for medications that really didn't do much of a life extension ($1000s) and made the dog weak of bladder and ravenous of thirst and appetite. It is terribly individual.

Enjoy your kayaking. I so admire your spirit and energy.


Annie said...

As I learned from my son's experience, these things can happen very quickly, so I am trying to be proactive. Hiro died at age 13, a respectable age for a malamute, I have no plans for attempting to extend Hapi's lifespan. I had more than one vet advise me to have 'prophylactic' surgery done on my previous dog at 14 years of age, he ended up incontinent for the rest of his life and died of something else altogether, so I thought the surgery was worse than useless. At that age if one thing doesn't get 'em, something else will.

Joared said...

So hard when our pets reach a point we must part with them, hopefully sparing them from unnecessary pain and discomfort. Your kayak trip sounds exciting.