Saturday, March 30, 2019

Ringside seat

Hapi and I went downtown today, she was dragging her butt. I may not be able to take her down there much more, she goes so slow and I just want to get my shopping done before the stores close. Plus she wants to visit several shops that I don't want to go to in order to beg for treats. I've had to cut her off those dog treats because most of them are not good for her. I carry good treats for people to give her but they're often too quick for me. Half the time she's not interested in the treats anyway, she just likes visiting. And begging.

I crossed Main Street at a crosswalk to go to the post office. On the other side of the street is a small parking lot and in the slot next to the sidewalk there is a truck parked with an old fellow sitting in it. He is often there, apparently he just parks there to watch the world go by. He was grinning at Hapi slowly crossing the street so I stopped to chat with him.

"You have a ringside seat there," I said. Had to repeat it a couple of times because he couldn't hear me.

Then he basically told me the story of his life. Grew up in the backwoods a little ways from town, adopted by an illiterate couple. He didn't go to school. He says he sits out here now because he doesn't like what's on TV and he can't read, he can hardly write his own name.

I commented on his cap with a logo of a local excavation and building company. I know the company because they did some work for me. He told me he worked for them for 40 years, and before that he worked at a gas station that is long gone now. He said his friend asked him if the company gave him a pension and he told his friend no.

The friend said, "After making all that money from you for all those years, they never gave you a pension? I'm going to speak to them about that!"

The old man just grinned at that. Can't get blood from a stone.


Wisewebwoman said...

I remember those days of Ansa slowing down and each minute of those days was so precious. I felt so much in the moment with her.

I love the story of the local guy. Everyone has such a story. Good you took the time to listen.


CheerfulMonk said...

I love that story, too. He sounds like a neat guy.