Thursday, March 7, 2019

She's back!

Hapi and I coming home from the Reservoir
The ice on the Reservoir ponds is buried under a foot of heavy snow. It looks like someone tried to clear some of it but didn't get very far. I think skating is over. But the snow is good for X-country skiing so I've been out doing that and also snowshoeing. Snowshoeing makes trails for the other dogwalkers so I feel like I am performing a service. The town sent a little snow plough into the Reservoir but it didn't get very far, too small. They never used to maintain the trails but I guess with one suicide and a senior falling on an icy trail and requiring an ambulance made the town maintenance people rethink that. The part they cleared is okay but the part where they got stuck is a bit of a mess. The snowshoers and dogwalkers do a better job.

Dee is back! That was the big excitement at the Reservoir this week. Years ago she took a fall in another province and injured her back. One thing and another she had to return home to get treated, by car (2 day drive. Can you imagine? Two days in a car with an injured back?!?). Anyway, she had surgery but unfortunately it only partially fixed the problem. She could walk but she was in severe pain. For years. She and her dog came to the Reservoir almost every day and she was just the funniest, wittiest, sympathetic and sensible person I've met in a long time. Her dog Lily was scared of Hapi but eventually she got over it. Sometimes the pain was too much and she didn't come.

So last November she went back for a second surgery to fix the problem. It was very risky, she might have ended up paralyzed and there was no guarantee they could fix her. But I guess she figured she had nothing to lose. We dogwalkers didn't know until January how it went. The worst of the pain is gone and she is not paralyzed but the surgeon said she had to be careful or all his good work would be undone. Best physiotherapy was walking, so walk she did, just not at the Reservoir where the risk of slipping and falling was too great.

This week after the big snowstorm she thought she might be safe at the Reservoir. She said she would walk by the entrance and poor Lily would cry because she wanted to go in. Everyone who met her was so happy to see her, and Lily was happy to be off leash and meeting all the other dogs. She was even glad to see Hapi! Dee is her old self, funny and witty as ever. Said the walk around the Reservoir ponds was about ten kilometres (it's not), only slightly further than from her bed to her bathroom. She's still in pain but not like before. The surgeon thinks there was a tiny sliver of bone left behind after the first surgery, it's gone now.

It is so good to see her back, it made my day.

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Wisewebwoman said...

How wonderful that she is back and recovered, at least so much better than she was before. What a great snap of you and Hapi!