Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Mower Starts and Other News

Weaving at home: a rug
Turns out the lawn mower works just fine, the problem is me. I don't have the upper body strength any more to pull that starter cord hard and fast enough. I don't know which is worse, having a mower that won't start or not having a body that can start it. Well, at least I have a work around: my buddy J can drop by on his way home from work to start the mower so I can mow. I think he'd even mow for me if I asked him to. It may come to that one day, but not yet.

Anyway, I did manage to mow the lawn on Thursday. We seem to be in a weather pattern of rain downpours every other day and if I wait till the end of the day between downpours the grass is a little drier. Momentarily.

I've had many suggestions from sympathetic former mowers to get an electric or even a battery-powered mower. I did look into those possibilities on the internet, but the big problem with the alternatives to a gas-powered mower is that they do not do well with wet grass. I could use one for several months in the summer and fall, but in the spring the grass grows like crazy and the ground is soggy (and so is the grass).

One of my neighbours suggested I get a scythe. She confessed that she cuts her grass with a bread knife!

I said, "That must take forever!"

She said, "Yup, all summer."

I'll stick with getting J to start the mower on his way home from work.

I joined a potluck group and there was a potluck dinner last night, my second with the group. I avoided this group in the past because of my dislike of and lack of talent in cooking. Lately I have been facing down my concerns in that area with a phone app recommended by one of my sons. So I thought I should give it a shot. The first dinner I didn't know anyone and I brought an old standby, a sort of fruit crisp made with blueberries and strawberries. It wasn't great, and I took half of it home with me. Oh well.

Last night I made something from my phone app. First off it was way too big and second I again brought home at least half of it. Someone else made something similar that was way better. They also made a much smaller quantity so they didn't take any of it home with them. I ate and drank too much and ended up waking in the night due to that, and spent too much time fretting about my poor cooking skills.

Not even a phone app is going to improve my cooking skills. Either I have to quit the group or get my head around the fact that my contributions will be less than stellar.

The warp on my home loom
But in other news I got a lot of weaving and writing done this past week, due to the crappy weather. With a bit of luck I'll have the current project off my loom at home before the end of my weaving course. The last class I went to I was the only student and the instructor and I exchanged life stories while working on our respective projects. I finished threading the heddles and am halfway through sleying the reed.

I won't be going to class this week because of the writing competition awards and I will almost certainly have to come in one weekend to finish the weaving before the end of the course. But the instructor sold me a warping mill and I ordered some 2/8 cotton for weaving. I love looking through the catalog for colours. I ordered Cherry Red, Dark Orange, Old Gold (yellow), Magenta and Royal Blue. The catalog itself costs $40, one day I'll invest in one of my own. I look forward to using the warping mill for the next project.

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Wisewebwoman said...

We all have our talents, don't we? And maybe the potluck thingie is not your thingie. I usually do lasagna for something like that or my famous standby a fritatta which has loads of veggies and sharp cheese. Or you could cheat at Sobey's where they now make home-made looking casseroles.

Love what you're weaving. I'm always in awe of looms and big thready things.