Sunday, June 9, 2019

Little Birdies

The lone neighbourhood crow
A couple of weeks ago a male cardinal brought his offspring to my bird feeder and showed the youngster how it works. Since then the youngster has been back several times. He or she is all brown, more brown than a female cardinal, so I don't know if it is a male or female. I was going to take down the feeder but after seeing the juvenile cardinal I decided to leave it in place a little longer. Today the father cardinal was back with the youngster and fed it several seeds from the feeder. Other days I have seen the youngster in my back yard just fooling around.

I also have a new crow visitor. Once it tried to get at my feeder but the bird is just too big. Another time I saw it strutting on the front lawn with all its head feathers fluffed up like a kind of mane. It was very handsome! I think it has claimed my lawn as its territory. There are usually a dozen or so crows that hang out in my neighbourhood but right now there is just one. I think the others are busy raising their young.

I wrote this a while ago when the trees were still bare of leaves. More recently I have returned to the Reservoir after a week away due to Hapi having discovered the duck nest (see previous post). Sadly but not unexpectedly the duck nest is no more, a few broken egg shells are all that remain. A friend recounted her own dog's discovery of the nest when it was still active, and the male "bodyguard" ducks chased her dog away. So I guess they really were bodyguards and not opportunists. But now they are all gone; I feel sad for the duck but it really was a bad place to nest.


Wisewebwoman said...

It breaks my heart when I see nest destruction or the young raided. All that work for naught.


Annie said...

Yes me too. In this case it was inevitable, but still very sad. I’m just relieved that Hapi wasn’t the culprit.