Friday, June 21, 2019

Weaving done, for now

It's a solid downpour outside, complete with thunder and presumably lightning, and it is supposed to last into the night. Hapi is sleeping in the basement, hopefully oblivious to the thunder.

I finished my weaving project on Wednesday night. I had to go into the city every other day for a week and on the final day I was weaving for eight hours. By the time I got my project off the loom my back was almost completely destroyed.

I was feeding loonies into a parking meter during the day, but it turned out that the meter was broken and I got a parking ticket. Fortunately the "meter maid" (in this case, a guy) was nearby and I managed to explain to him what was happening so he tore up the ticket and gave me free parking for the rest of the day.

The dogsitter that I lined up for the time I was in the city called me on the weekend to say that he was in the hospital and about to be moved to the city for major surgery. So much for dogsitting. His illness is progressing rapidly and I don't know how much longer he will survive, he is dying piecemeal. It's a tragic situation and my own disappointment at suddenly losing my dogsitter pales in comparison.

However, my wonderful mechanic who has kept my vehicles roadworthy over the years at a fraction of what it might cost elsewhere, stepped up and said he'd have no problem staying with Hapi as long as needed. He loves her and Hapi loves him almost as much as she loves me. I think he reminds her of my son, her former owner.

After the marathon weaving session on Wednesday I was a zombie on Thursday. My back felt like I'd broken something and my brain was barely capable of reading a magazine, let alone carrying on a conversation. Today is better though, the brain functions and the back tries to. But I am glad it is raining, it means one more day of staying indoors resting.

I am already thinking about my next weaving project. I have a couple of ideas and can't decide which one to pursue. Today I was reading a book on tapestry weaving and wondering if I should tackle that. But it is a whole different skill set so it's going to depend on whether I am up for something simple or complicated. I am just beginning to feel like I am getting somewhere with textile weaving, I should probably postpone the tapestry weaving for a bit. But it is tempting.

In the meantime I still have to do some finishing work on the current project. There are a few ends to needle-weave in and cutting and hemming and fringe-knotting to be done. It's more tedious than interesting, so it could take a while.


Wisewebwoman said...

Sorry about your dog sitter that sounds awful. And very sad.

I love your weavings. Very beautiful.


Rain Trueax said...

Your weavings are really pretty. Hope your back is better soon. Sorry about your dog sitter :(