Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Carrot, and some Onions

I made a deal with myself that I could write in my blog after I've written some of my novel-in-progress. I'm kind of bored with it right now so I need a carrot on a stick. I'm collecting my reward now.

I went to a concert on Saturday night, the Canning Kitchen Party. A Middle Eastern Ensemble came to Canning from the Halifax Jazz Festival to play their music for us and it was a small but packed house. Quite amazing music, made me feel very grateful that these people moved here as refugees. I heard about this concert earlier in the day via an email from a friend; I already had plans for the day but thought I should rearrange in order to go. I called a neighbour who is a musician to see if he wanted to go and he did so that was the motivation to get it together. We were both glad we went.

One of the musicians was trying to explain to us the basics of Middle Eastern music, how it is based on up to 52 different tones and there is music to be played in the morning and music to be played in the evening and music that is good for different parts of your body. I tried to understand the stuff about tonal music but I am afraid it is beyond me. It does sound very different from Western music.

This morning another email, this time someone wanting to celebrate the sale of her house after listing it for only 5 days. The real estate market has exploded here, "Sold" signs popping up everywhere. Usually it takes months, if not years, to sell a place but now the pace is dizzying. The woman who just sold her place has no idea where she will move to, she really hadn't expected it to go so fast. The buyer offered her asking price because they were afraid it would go to someone else if they didn't. Again, I had other plans for the day and I wish I'd seen her email when she sent it the day before but oh well. I was going to visit someone else but at the last minute they cancelled out so I toddled over for the celebration. A glass of bubbly and a plate of food. Maybe I should sell my place…

Just kidding. I have no plans to go anywhere. Some of the people at the celebration were talking about all the crazy housing developments going on around town and how the town council isn't handling it very well (in their opinion). But as one person said, we'll all be dead before the worst of it comes to pass so let's not get our knickers in a knot.

I chatted with a woman who is 88 years old, she's the mother-in-law of a friend of mine. She told me she'd just gotten back from her cottage and had had a wonderful time there, she'd gone kayaking 4 times. She can hardly walk but she still kayaks. She explained the process of getting from her wheel chair into the kayak and then back out again. Impressive!

I complained to my musician neighbour on the drive to Canning about the small size of the onions I grow, he gave me some advice on how to fix that. So this morning I was mulching the onions. I didn't have quite enough straw, so first I stole the mulch from the tomatoes—I think they're big enough now to live without it at least temporarily—and then I started using lawn clippings. We'll see what happens. I always plan to mulch but somehow never quite get around to it. My neighbour said he didn't use straw he used sea grass he collected from a couple of local salt marshes. I did that once, it's a lot of work and your car ends up full of mud and salt marsh insects.

I know my neighbour hasn't had a garden for some years now and has a few mobility issues so I pointed out to him that that was when he was so much younger and spryer, and besides $5 buys a bale of straw that could take an hour to collect and transport as sea grass. But this morning I was not willing to go look for a bale of straw to buy so I used what was left over from a couple of years ago. Next time I go for eggs I'll see about getting some straw as well.

The summer is slipping by so fast! I still haven't gone swimming or kayaking (I was terribly envious of the woman who has already gone 4 times!). I feel so lazy, all I want to do is sit on my back deck and watch the garden and listen to the birds.


Wisewebwoman said...

Sometimes we just want to sit and stare and lean back. I always have this guilt machine of "shoulds" fired up. It can destroy my restful times.

Enjoy your summer, try and drop the shoulds and I will too :D

I'm looking forward to your novel.


Rain Trueax said...

I spent a year not writing on the current book and it was a good thing. I needed a break as I'd been at it constantly before that. I am writing about the experience on my Facebook group. Sometimes being in a group can be a help but sometimes we need a break. One thing that sometimes helps with a stuck book is skip ahead, leave off where you are and jump ahead in the book. It can help you to see what needs to happen in between in a more exciting way. That said, there are just times where things don't feel right not because they aren't but because it's not yet the right time for it.

I don't know if you are on Facebook (many don't like it) but my group there is called Rain's Behind the Words. It's about creativity and I've been trying to encourage painters or those in other artistic endeavors to join and share their work and what is behind theirs.

Annie said...

WWW, thanks, but I doubt very much that the novel will ever see the light of day. I sometimes refer to it as "my practice novel".

Rain, I am close to the end and know what has to happen to get there, but in some ways it makes it kind of tedious when I already know what's going to happen. I guess I kind of miss "the old days" when I didn't know where it all was going. But I get your point. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look.