Monday, August 26, 2019

Dog treats and other stuff

There is some movement around the plight of my friend from the previous post (we'll call her B), but it's early days yet. My dog lady friend contacted her Famous Filmmaker Daughter who replied that she'd talk to someone she knows about the situation. One of her films was about child poverty and featured a local social worker; my dog lady friend thought she might be helpful dealing with poverty of older people. Haven't heard back from the MLA's office, but don't really expect to right away. Maybe later. I just delivered some groceries from me and my neighbour; another friend said she'd put something together later so she's not swamped with food right away. The heat in B's apartment is overwhelming and B can hardly breathe. She speaks between gasps.

One of B's unfortunate habits is to badmouth other poor people. Mostly people I happen to know, I think it just wouldn't be as appealing to her to talk about people I don't know. Anyway it's mostly stuff about poor people gaming the system. Which I have no doubt goes on, but when you consider the gaming of the system by poor people up against the gaming of the system by not-so-poor people, it's pathetic. I really wish she wouldn't do that, but I understand that it comes with the territory. Being poor is dreadfully hard on you in so many ways. But it is hard to listen to and I came away feeling exhausted.

Hapi is always excited to see B, she knows she's going to be fed treats. When I arrived we had to put away the perishable groceries and Hapi just went bananas. She expected her treat to be Item Number One on the agenda. Eventually we sat down and she got her treat, tiny bits of dessicated liver. I offer her these things and she turns up her nose, but when B does it's the highlight of her day.

Hapi has had a bout of diarrhea. Not unusual with her but unpleasant when she has indoor accidents in the middle of the night. I started out withholding food for a day or so but she objected pretty strenuously to that. One of my dog lady buddies recommended rice and applesauce for her, another friend said cooked egg. So I mixed up a concoction of rice, cooked apple and scrambled egg and gave it to her two days in a row.  It was an apple left over from a bag of apples I bought last winter that I chopped up and nuked. I don't know what they did to that poor apple but it wasn't shrivelled or bruised or anything. Had to be a year old. Hapi scoffed it up like candy and OMG, I have never seen such hard little turds come out of her back end in all the time I've had her! It's a miracle!! I probably can't keep her on that diet forever but I sure would like to!!!

Can a malamute survive on rice and apples?

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Wisewebwoman said...

Gawd she is so adorable. Look at that face!

She may have snuck something into her mouth while you weren't looking to cause all the bowel distress.

Please keep us updated on B.