Saturday, February 22, 2020

Icy trails

Came across a bit of a mystery in the woods this past week. Hapi and I go for an afternoon walk in the nearby woods, where there are multiple circular trails joined together, crossing local roads in three different places. In one area I came across what looked like a new trail, except it is only about 4" wide. It winds around through the forest, under overturned trees and up and down the hill slope. I can't follow it all the way because in places there is less than a foot of headspace above the trail.

I have encountered this trail in several places so I don't know if it is all one trail or several trails. It looks almost like a frozen rivulet but it doesn't follow the natural slope of the land. In one area there were a couple of burrow openings, but not directly onto the trail. It has a bit of a textured pattern from many paw prints, but none stand out enough to identify the creature or creatures using this trail.

It has been cold and icy this past week, I have not seen the regular dog walkers at the Reservoir because the trails there are treacherously icy and the dogs don't really like it. This coming week is supposed to be a good deal warmer, so maybe the ice will retreat a bit.

B told me on my last visit that she has been discharged from the hospital and is now just waiting for a nursing home bed. I thought she already had one but that turns out to be either not true or old news. Anyway, her son F dropped by today and told me that they reversed the discharge because she is getting worse, but no one has told her that. Her organs are starting to shut down and I said to F that it could be just a matter of weeks now. F said that she was so stubborn that he thought she would hang in there a good deal longer than that, but he thinks it unlikely that there is a nursing home in her future.

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Wisewebwoman said...

What a strange trail, I had a similar one on my last property in winter and was told it was rabbits getting ready for spring. I don't know if that was true or not.

Oh Poor B, though I know what a burden she has been it is always sad to see someone on their way out.