Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Messy Side of Life

On the Causeway
The other day I was making a squash soup. The instructions called for running an immersion blender in it which I did, but the blender has these really stupid buttons that are hard to push and you have to keep pushing on one of them to keep the blender running. Because it's hard to even find the button never mind keep pressing it steadily while stirring the soup with it, it stops and starts erratically. At one point I lost control of the damn thing and it whipped out of the soup, spewing squash all over the kitchen. That thing is now in the trash.

Hapi has been having off and on diarrhea for the past month or so, she made a mess in the basement one night so I cut off her access to all but a small corner of the basement.

Hapi's bedroom
She didn't like that so she took to sleeping outside at night which was fine by me. So on Monday, I spent the afternoon at my needlework group and she spent the time sleeping in her doghouse. During her sleep she pooped in the doghouse. It must have woken her up so she got out of the doghouse and continued pooping all over the deck. That's what I came home to. Between squash soup all over the kitchen and dog poop all over the deck (and inside the doghouse and all through the thick fur on her backside) I don't know which is worse, maybe the poop. Thank the lord for washing machines! And rubber gloves and hot soapy water.

Anyway I decided I'd better consult her veterinarian, and I was fearing the worst. But that night I thought I'd check with Dr. Google first and lo and behold, diarrhea is a side effect of the anti-inflammatory she has been on for the past eight months. So I am taking her off the meds. She fasted all that day, she got a couple of small meals but no meds the next day, and I didn't call the vet. We'll see if Dr Google is onto something. And I found another immersion blender and ordered it, the reviews sound good and the pictures show the buttons looking much more manageable than the ones on the blender I just trashed.

My mechanic inspected my car because I said it was making a noise I didn't like. It took him an hour but he thinks he found the cause, a strut mount. He says it will be expensive to fix. I said, maybe it's time to retire this car and he agreed. But I don't want to buy another car while Hapi is still with me, and he said he could probably nurse the car along for however long we're talking about. He put some kind of goop on the strut mount to slow its deterioration down. What a good boy!

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Wisewebwoman said...

Looks like Hapi's tail has grown out again. And oh what a mess you had everywhere. I think my immersible is a Kitchen Aid, it does a fine job.

I do hope Hapi recovers. You are giving her a wonderful life.