Sunday, April 2, 2017

Party on

Went to a surprise birthday party for a neighbour. Classic kitchen party, nobody in the living room, everyone jammed into a tiny kitchen. The obligatory guitar. Young Justin used to play with his family, they got a great compliment from Stomping' Tom Connors at a music festival. Justin has been playing with the family since he was just small, he plays mostly Country and Gospel, lots of stuff you can sing along to.

The birthday girl is camera shy and it shows, she never smiles and so photos of her rarely look as good as she is. Here's her birthday cake:

It's a diabetic cake, made with artificial sweetener. Half the people at the party are diabetic, the scourge of Nova Scotia. Tina, the host of the party, went all out to put it on. She adores our birthday girl.

There was a funny boundary between the kitchen and living room, a floor colour change. Hapi was scared of it. So we leashed her up and led her back and forth across the boundary until she wasn't scared of it anymore. She didn't like the crowdedness of the kitchen but she knew that was where the food was and the best chances of begging for sandwiches. I had to be strict with the partiers, no sweets, and only half an egg sandwich. She does her best imitation of a starved and abused dog to hook her victims.

And in other news, it continues to snow. At one point there was melting and I saw tulips trying to come up in my garden, but then it snowed again and they disappeared from view. I think they are still there though.

I am learning to play bridge in a neighbouring town where they have a friendly bridge club that welcomes total novices. A four hour session once a week that leaves me mentally drained, but it's interesting and fun. There are two people there who are the resident experts, so when I have a problem I can ask one of them what I should do. This past week myself and another newbie played against one of those experts and another longtime player. We of course lost big time, but I have yet to learn bridge scoring (it looks complicated) so half the time I have no idea how I'm doing. My partner though kept asking what the score was so that's how I know we were losing majorly. At one point she apologized to me for how badly we were doing but honestly I wasn't concerned, I am more interested in learning the game than winning it. I like that it is a partnership game, that it is a kind of secret language for communication; not only do you want to communicate with your partner but you also want to decipher your opponents' communication with each other. And I am learning that there are dialects; depending on which dialect a pair is using they might be saying quite different things. It's interesting and a good distraction from the general depression I am otherwise struggling with. And the endless snow.


Rain Trueax said...

Sounds like fun. I used to play a lot of pinochle and canasta but never learned to play bridge. My problem now is I hate to beat someone but don't want to lose either. I look for games that don't have winners lol

Annie said...

Rain, I have the same problem. I am avoiding learning the bridge scoring for exactly that reason, I don't have to know who won! I also play a game called Carcassonne with a friend, we both feel the same way so we actually help each other in the game. We get a kick out of the final outcome but it's more about the pattern of the pieces than about who actually scored higher. I can't play that game with anyone else because no one else takes that perspective, they're in it to win!

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm an ex Type A so play to win. I played a life of bridge in my time. Great game. Now​ I stick to on line Scrabble with equally competitive players.

Great party it looks like!


joared said...

Played some pinochle and canasta years ago. Was going to join a beginning bridge group here a couple weeks ago, but then had conflicts so didn't go. Enjoyed scrabble and penny ante long ago, too.. Euchre a lot of fun for relaxation as not into playing for blood as no fun if someone takes it all too seriously.. Havent played games like these in years.

Annie said...

Joared, if you're not competitive then it's hard to play competitive games. You have to find like-minded friends to play with. There's a bridge group closer to my home but I've been told they are far more competitive, while the group I am playing with is not. I think it helps to learn a new game with people who are not competitive, they're more inclined to help you.