Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Grooming and Vetting

On Monday I took Hapi to the groomer. It was a 4 hour ordeal, Hapi and I were exhausted by the end. Things went a little better than the last time though. I think the groomer, Mary, is getting used to Hapi and is a little less afraid of her, so she was firmer and more confident around her. Also she changed the way she did some things. She used to blow dry Hapi in the bath area which has three walls, and Hapi looked and acted like a cornered rat. This time she did the blow drying on the grooming table where Hapi could look out the window. She looked more resigned than terrorized.

Mary uncovered a big black spot on Hapi's tail that was new to me and she couldn't identify ("maybe a hot spot?"). So on Tuesday I took Hapi to the vet to have a look at it. A quick internet search suggested some kind of dermatitis but I am so sensitized after Hiro's death that my mind goes to worst case scenarios. The vet (Natasha) thought it was more of a dermatitis thing and recommended washing it and keeping it dry. "Benign neglect" she said. We also discussed end-of-life options, euthanasia and such. She recommended starting Hapi on some kind of painkiller regime. Natasha also said I should be aware that some cancers have a genetic component and what happened to Hiro could very well happen to her.

The only thing Hapi doesn't like about the vet's office is the weigh scale. We did eventually coax her into standing on it for a few seconds, just long enough to get a rough estimate of her weight. I was overfeeding her during the winter since she spent so much time outdoors, and sure enough she had put on weight. So it's time to scale back on that.

My son is going to mail Hiro's leftover painkillers to me, Natasha said she could give me a prescription but she wants to do regular bloodwork to keep an eye on Hapi's kidney and liver health, since that is the most likely drawback to the painkillers. So I guess the next time we see her I'll order that up. Probably expensive but what can you do. Natasha said that I should see dramatic change in Hapi's disposition and activity level if she goes on the painkiller.

I do like this vet, she combines pragmatism and compassion in a nice way.


Wisewebwoman said...

This post brought tears, Annie. Reliving Ansa, tho pain killers helped her so much, we do our best for these wonderful companions and fingers crossed that Hapi gets some more precious time with you.

4 hour grooming, sweet Jeebus, hard on you both and on the groomer. I never could stay with Ansa but used the magic words "I'll be back" which she understood so groomer said to me Ansa always just concentrated on the door and not on the grooming, alert to my return. She said the faith Ansa had in my words moved her.


Annie said...

Oh tell me about it! Unfortunately Hapi snapped at the groomer and scared her, the groomer really didn't want to do it again. After the first time staying with Hapi I saw how utterly stressed she was and decided I couldn't leave her alone there. Her hind end was shaking so much she couldn't stand up. Never had a problem with the previous groomer, and I'm not sure why it is different now, maybe just age, maybe something about the groomer, or just about the space.