Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is my weblog

I am starting this blog with the intention of posting stories and events that I would otherwise be sending off to friends. Half the reason I send these stories to friends is just to keep a kind of record, the other half of course is to keep in touch and let people know what I am up to now. Now with this blog I can just let friends know the URL and they can check in whenever they want, and I get to keep a record without wondering if I'm boring folks with my long-winded stories. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures too, though I am rather bad at actually taking pictures.

Today for instance I went skating at Toronto City Hall and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Blue sky and sun, crispy cold but not so cold that one didn't want to be outdoors in it. I had my camera with me but did not take any pictures, was just enjoying the skating too much to stop and take photos.

I took this photo a few years ago. That's the "new" City Hall in the background, and the moose on the diving board isn't there anymore. Old City Hall would be on the right side of this photo. When I was there today the whole rink was in full sun, so I think it must have been later in the day when I took this photo.

It's a neat place, the old City Hall on one side the "new" City Hall on another, the arches over the ice rink, and the surrounding downtown Toronto office towers. I went with Helen, a woman I met at the library knitting group last fall. We've been trying to go skating together for a couple of months I think!

Tonight I'm going to the library knitting group, going to be working on my hand warmers. I'm making them in a brown cotton-polyester blend, they are like fingerless mittens but thin for wearing indoors. In the winter my apartment is cold and I can wear sweaters and long underwear to keep warm but my hands get cold. So these will cover my wrists and hands up to about the first knuckle on my fingers and thumb. I don't really like fingerless gloves because they separate the fingers and make them harder to keep warm that way. And fingerless mittens are quicker to make. Or would be, if I didn't keep redesigning them! I'll show a picture of them when they're done, or when at least one of them is done, right now it doesn't look like anything at all.

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