Monday, January 28, 2008

More skating

On Saturday I went skating at Dufferin Grove with Isaac, Tristan and Phelan. Actually only Tristan and I were skating, Phelan is too little and Isaac opted to stay off the ice with him. So Tristan and I skated together, first just skating round and round and then later playing ice tag.

That's me in the beret, Tristan in a helmet.

Here I'm trying to avoid being tagged by Tristan.

After that we went into the change room and bought hot chili to eat. The change room is not just an ordinary change room, it also has a wood stove and tables and lots of children's books and a little cafe that sells good food cheap. A big bowl of vegan chili and two tortillas cost $2.00. There was a game of chess going on in one corner. On one wall is a painted map of the area, we challenged Tristan to find our street on the map. He's in grade one and just learning to read so it was definitely a challenge for him. But he knows our street name starts with "W" so he pointed out just about every street that started with "W", eventually getting the right one.

I was watching a lady doing some very pretty knitting on wooden needles, and noticed she was knitting continental style. Something I wish I could do but have great difficulty with. So I was watching her quite intently, trying to figure out if she had some trick to doing it. I moved over on the bench next to her and enquired about her knitting. Turns out she was visiting from Ottawa, but is originally form Germany or Austria so she has always knitted continental style. She was making a hat to match a sweater for her grandson in a lovely blue colour. The pattern was of her own design, definitely an expert knitter!

I bet she knit the red sweater too.

I didn't take this photo, obviously, or I would have made sure her lovely blue knitting was more visible.

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