Friday, February 1, 2008

My so-called social life

Today is a snow day. We are supposed to get 20 cm by evening. Compared to the rest of Ontario that is hardly anything at all, but right now it is almost white-out conditions, blowing snow and just wet enough to stick to the windows and reduce visibility even further. Toronto gets a bit of a warming effect from the lake which translates on a day like today into freezing rain and ice pellets mixed in with the snow. So I am pretty much house-bound.

Also, my so-called social life pretty much evaporated this week; Helen and I were going to go skating yesterday when it was clear and sunny by kind of cold, we wimped out due to the cold. I suspect we made the wrong decision, it probably would have been really beautiful to get out on skates yesterday. And I was supposed to go out for dinner with Nancy tonight but she emailed last night that due to the coming storm she wanted to postpone. She commutes from Hamilton so I certainly don't blame her for that. We have so far managed one dinner and one lunch since I first arrived in Toronto, postponing seems to be the theme of this friendship.

The last few weekends Gretel and Isaac and I have been alternating going out on Saturday nights, two of us go out while one stays home to babysit. This is my weekend to babysit. Had to cancel out of knitting group last night due to having a counselling appointment, so the only remotely social thing I will have done this week is my Wednesday night writing class. It was OK, but I was in kind of an emotionally raw mental state which seemed to show up big time in any writing I did that night. When it came time to read out loud, I found myself choking back tears. Then when I'd look up at the end, everyone is kind of staring at me with round eyes, like, where did that come from? Usually my stuff is kind of humourous, but not so this week!

I guess I need to get out more...

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