Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow in Toronto!

We had a great snow storm here on Friday. Started early in the morning, snowed all day long. Around 20 or 30 cm. I think.

The kids came home early from school, Tristan helped his Mom shovel snow.

On Saturday I went for a walk in High Park, it was so beautiful with the fresh snow. So many people were out walking their dogs, and the dogs were absolutely loving it. Chasing each other through the snow, leaping and cavorting.

I took pictures of one of the little creeks that run through the park. Walked home via Roncesvalles, stopped to pick up fair trade organic coffee and tea for the house.

On the last leg of the walk I heard geese in the sky, looked up to see a pair of Canada Geese flying overhead. Then a minute later more geese, half a dozen flying in formation. Then another half dozen. I kept thinking I should have had my camera out. Then off in the distance I heard honking so this time I had the camera out ready, and it must have been a flock of hundred or more that flew overhead.

This picture only shows part of the flock, like a wave passing over. I'm guessing they were all headed south to the lakeshore.

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