Friday, February 15, 2008

Foodbank day

Wednesday is my foodbank day. With my cold I was not wanting to go in yesterday, but I didn't want them thinking I was some kind of flake who shows up once and never returns. I probably wasn't doing them any favours though, coughing all over their food. Well, I did try to aim at my sleeve not their faces or their food, but still.

I met another volunteer there who just moved to Toronto from California last July, same time I moved here. She was a teacher in California and is looking for a teaching job here, but says she half hopes she doesn't find one because she kind of likes being off work and able to do things like volunteering at the foodbank.

Due to the snow the Second Harvest truck came very late. It usually comes around 1.00 pm, but this time it was close to 3.00 pm when it arrived, and the foodbank closes at 4.00 pm. We were running out of food so we were giving people the choice of going through now and getting what little there was, or waiting for more and better after the truck came. People were quite patient with waiting.

When the truck did arrive we tried to unload it through the front door onto King St, but the only place the truck could park blocked the streetcars so the driver had to go around to the back of the building and we unloaded it there. It meant hauling boxes the full length of the foodbank and through the waiting area, but it went pretty well, some of the patrons helped unload. There was no meat and no milk, but there was yogurt and chocolate milk and lots of fresh fruit.

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