Monday, February 11, 2008

I have a cold, Toronto has cold

My cold has expanded, all of Toronto is having a cold snap.

Isaac thought he'd avoid the cold this morning by driving Tristan to school instead of using the bike or streetcar, but he spent an hour trying to get the car out of its parking spot! He didn't have a shovel and the snow had frozen to ice and the car just wouldn't budge.

I've been teasing him a bit about how his use of the car is expanding due to it being much more easily available. It is so easy to say "oh let's just take the car" when faced with inclement weather or recalcitrant kids or time crunches. In this case, taking the car proved to be not so efficient.

I was hoping to get my truck out on the road just to keep the battery in more or less good shape, but all hope of that has vanished. The truck is thoroughly frozen into place so I just have to wait for things to thaw and hope for the best...

Between having a cold and it being cold outdoors, I have no problem staying in and puttering around doing indoor stuff. Knitting, writing, going through old pictures. I found some small prints of paintings by Judith Currelly who lives in Atlin BC. Now there's a really cold place! It occurred to me that places like that make great retreats for artists because you have all that indoor time to work on stuff. Then you can take the summer off to get out and get inspired.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, now that looks like some kind of cold! Here in the midwest in the U.S. we're waiting for our driveway ice to thaw...