Friday, February 1, 2008

Screensaver memories

OK, one last thing. I usually do any writing on my laptop, as opposed to the desktop computer, because I can lounge on the couch with the laptop. When I fired up the laptop this morning, I was reading and drinking coffee while it was booting itself up. I left it running for long enough that it went into screensaver mode. My screensaver is a slide show of photos I took around D'arcy BC where Sam lives. I absolutely love that place and I have a ton of photos of the area. A noticeable gap though is that I have no winter photos.

Anyway, the screensaver kicks in and I put down the book to watch it. The photos are in random order, and they bring back memories of the various walks that I took them on.

The time Sam and I drove in his truck up the logging road along Anderson Lake.

The time the river overflowed and flooded the runway back in the woods behind Sam's place.

The times I walked up the mountain taking pictures of wildflowers.

The time the horses came to visit.

The time we went to Birkenhead Provincial Park and tried to ride our bikes along one of the lakeside trails there.

And the many times just sitting on the deck looking at the mountains, listening to the river.

So many fine memories...

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dale said...

nice pics.. i can relate to missing bc.. edmonton is colder than a politicians heart... was minus 40 last week... it warmed up to minus 18 and people are talking about how warm it is.. brrrrrr.


dale/person what lives with inger