Friday, February 15, 2008

In which Bunny gets a scare and defends herself admirably

Library knitting group last night, there were only four of us this time. Jennifer took my email address so she could warn me next time they cancelled a knitting group meeting. Last week I walked to the library only to find that the group was cancelled due to the snow storm. I didn't really mind, I had some books to pick up anyway and it was a nice evening for a walk. I am almost finished my first hand warmer, the second one should go faster now that I have some idea of what I am doing.

The big news yesterday was the arrival of the puppy, now named Dobby. Gretel describes the event here with pictures here.

They brought the puppy home late at night and unfortunately I neglected to close the door to my apartment so within minutes of arriving in the house the puppy went upstairs. Bunny was sitting in the hallway and the second Dobby rounded the corner from the stairway into the hall, Bunny was off and running.

I had blocked the livingroom doorway with a low barrier, which under normal circumstances is enough to keep Bunny out of there, but she easily leaped the barrier and disappeared under the couch at the far side of the room. Dobby gave chase as far as the barrier but did not try to go over and I caught him and took him back downstairs. It all happened so quickly that I am not sure Dobby even really knew what he was chasing, Bunny was just a small black-and-white blur.

I eventually got Bunny out from under the couch---I had to grab her behind the head and drag her out---as I did not want her spending the night there due to all the exposed electric cords in the vicinity.

Today she is calm but on the alert. She built her own barricade under the kitchen shelving unit, using a box of plastic bags I had left under the table.

Dobby is very cute but not house-trained and he barks a lot when left alone in his crate. I hope he gets over that soon.

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