Monday, February 11, 2008

Home decorating

Spent the weekend putting up pictures. I probably overdid it, my place is now looking a little cluttered with pictures. But it was fun. A lot of them are pictures I have had in storage for over 15 years, since I last left Ontario.

I have some calendar pictures of flowers, close-ups from Kew Gardens, that I put on the kitchen cupboards.

I was looking at them and realizing that I never put them up in my place in BC because there really are only a couple of months, if that, when you can't see flowers blooming outdoors. Frequently there are winter pansies and primulas growing through the winter, and crocuses are up by February.

But in Ontario there is a long period of no flowers, more than half the year. So having pictures of them on the walls is uplifting.

Gretel also noted that the pictures of yellow flowers on the green cupboards helped link the green of the cupboards to the yellow walls, making them less starkly contrasting. She never liked those green cupboards.

In the stairway I put up some posters that are sort of odd. They are from a calendar probably dating from the early 70s, that my Dad would have brought home when he worked as an estimator for a printing company.

For example a floral print shirt being put through a meat grinder with real flowers coming out of the business end, or making a green polka dot shirt using a can of peas and a rolling pin.

I have eight of them in the stairway and the kids come up the stairs very slowly, staring at each picture. They both are quite fascinated by them.

The plaster in my apartment is quite old, mostly old-fashioned lathe and plaster. This makes it harder to put thumbtacks in it so for posters I had to use tape. Gretel recommended painter's tape which holds well without damaging the paint when you want to remove it.

But I have one wall that I am sure is not plaster at all but concrete, I cannot even hammer a nail into it! I'm going to have to drill holes to put up a couple of framed prints.

<-- the concrete wall...

Going through old prints and photos inspired a huge amount of nostalgia. I have a stack of old letters and postcards that completely sucked me in for over an hour. I was thinking of making a kind of collage of some of the postcards, but given how cluttered everything is starting to look, I have no idea where I'd put it so maybe that's an idea best left alone.

While I was going through old postcards and letters from my desk I pulled out my old camera and Isaac happened to be visiting at the time and was interested in it since it is very similar to the camera that he is in the process of selling. His and Gretel's camera for sale is a Canon AE-1 and mine is a Canon AE-1 Program. Turns out he has a flash attachment that will work on my camera. He said he was going to include it with the camera for sale but if I could use it I could have it. We tried playing around with the different lenses on my camera and his new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel (it's digital).

I used his telephoto lens on my camera and took a few pictures, it will be interesting to see how they turn out. The AE-1 is a film camera of course so I have to wait till the film roll is used up before I can see the pictures. Unfortunately the film in the camera is quite old, there is at least one picture in there that I know I took in 2003. Be interesting to see if anything turns out!

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