Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lithuanian House Metrolinx Open House

The Clean Train Coalition website is up, here's the link.

Just got back from the Metrolinx Open House in our area tonight, there was a great turn out of people living all along the corridor, and it looked like the Metrolinx folks were a bit overwhelmed by all our questions and comments. They had lots of displays but not a lot of hard information, couldn't give a straight answer about how many new tracks were being built, couldn't tell us what the noise and vibration levels were going to be, or how much air pollution more than 450 diesel trains a day would spew in our neighbourhood. Said they could tell us in a couple of months, at the next round of Open Houses. Not reassuring.

Gretel said a lot of people she talked to were holding off on renovations, thinking it might be time to sell rather than stay, and Catherine my realty friend says she wants to go door-to-door and talk to some of the Portuguese residents to get them to realize how big a deal this is. Sandra's worried about the groundhogs and 'possums that live along the tracks and come into her backyard, they may not be rare and endangered but they're all we've got in the way of wildlife.

But the place was packed and all the Metrolinx representatives had crowds of people peppering them with questions. I think it was a good start.


Barbara Anne said...

Good luck to the side of peace, quiet, and reason!! That many diesels a day cannot be good for any resident, two legged or four legged.


Sikantis said...

Great post, I like information like you provide it.

Zabetha said...

Thanks Barbara Anne and Sikantis. It's a pretty intense project, and no, it can't be any better for the four-legs than for the two-legs. Worse actually, because some two-legs will benefit, no four-legs will.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Anne, As someone very, very interested in mass transit in cities, I was pleased to read about what you have going on in Toronto. Did I get the city right?

Because my current home is in New York City, I make a point of identifying it in my blog so people get oriented to where I'm coming from. Though I've visited here before, for a moment mistakenly thought the Metrolink was happening in Washington, D.C. Don't we wish!

Thanks for your involvement; we all benefit from your efforts. And please correct me if I'm geographically off about where you are.

Zabetha said...

Hi Naomi

You're right I don't always identify where I am and I should. So far I have spent the last two winters in Toronto and the past two summers in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, or en route somewhere.

While I am happy that Toronto is doing its best to provide good transit and commuter service, I am not happy about the use of diesel fuel to do it, especially when it is concentrated in residential neighbourhoods. In principle Metrolinx is embarking on a good project, but the devil is in the details, and so far they are pretty devilish!