Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday at the fair

It was up to 25C today, Grace and I hit the Oneofakind craft show down at the Ex. We walked down early, stopping for coffee and toast and peanut butter at a little coffee shop en route.

Gretel gave me two Comp tickets for the show so we got in free, but there was a crowd of people lined up for the opening at 10am.

All told we spent about four and a half hours there, that's how long it took to see the whole thing and then go back and buy a few items that we liked and could afford.

Grace bought an outrageous salt and pepper shaker set ($300!!) and three silk screened tees. Two of them were silk screened with designs taken from crop circles in England. The third was a cartoon of a mad princess, Grace thought it looked like herself on a Bad Hair Day.

I bought some gorgeous handspun yarn from Newfoundland, and a turned wood fountain pen ($100, which was his cheapest price: his best pens sold for over $600!!)

We both bought little wooden trivets/cheese boards and jars of specialty mustard.

We stopped by Gretel's Fancy Pants Kids booth in the Rising Star section, she was doing a lot of business selling her dragon tails, capes and crowns. She was doing such good business that Isaac had to make a special delivery of more product, so we helped haul it in from the van to her booth and then Isaac gave us a lift home. Gretel is going to be thoroughly exhausted when this is over.

It was supposed to be sunny all day but it clouded over in the afternoon. Stayed warm though, we are having ridiculously warm weather this Easter long weekend. Kids are out playing in the street and some folks (the industrious ones) are cleaning up their gardens for spring planting.


Wisewebwoman said...

What yarn did you buy?
Thanks for the links to that great blog!
glad you had such a lovely time, I still have bits I bought at that particularl fair, it really does live up to its name!

Annie said...


I bought 2 small skeins of something that---according to the label---is a mix of merino, shetland, newfoundland heritage wool, bamboo and firestar novelty yarns. According to the artist, Newfoundland wool tends to be fairly coarse and scratchy so she doesn't use it in large amounts.

One of the skeins I think you can see in the photo on her March 4, 2010 post (top middle, green and mauve-ish), it's called "madras". The other lost its label so has no name, and is more blue-yellow-orange-brown-ish. They are both what she calls "sketches", i.e., 2 oz or less. I like the way she names things and on her blog I like the way she associates the skein colours with still-life and landscape photos.

I have the 2 skeins on my desk in front of my monitor, they are gorgeous! One of these days I will wind them into balls and knit them up into something, but I think I am going to just stare at them for a good long while first!

Barbara Anne said...

What fun! We live too far out in the sticks to have any such fair within walking distance.

Does Gretyl have any fairy dust in stock? I could use a boost!

Aren't some fabrics and yarns just plain delicious to look at?


20th Century Woman said...

I must buy some nice yarn to take to Alaska. I'll have lots of time for knitting there.

Your recent activities make me think that you are pretty much fully recovered. I hope I am right.

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne

It has been such a wonderful Easter Weekend weatherwise here and the Oneofakind was one of many great options in the big city 8-))

Yes it is definitely a feast for the eyes! I know the artists and craftspeople that have booths at this show work very hard to make it so. They will all be quite exhausted (but hopefully richer) tomorrow!

Annie said...

Hi 20CW, I always bring some yarn along when I travel, sometimes it comes in handy and sometimes I'm just too busy to do anything with it. I hope for the latter for your trip, but by all means take some nice yarn!

You are right, I am feeling a lot better. Not a 100%, but close enough!

Barbara Anne said...

Long time, no new stories. Hope all is well with you and with those you love!