Friday, April 30, 2010

What I saw

I went for a walk up to the Annex yesterday, I wanted to buy some shampoo at a store that sells non-toxic cleaning products in bulk (bring your own container). It was a gorgeous day, the sidewalks were full, the sidewalk patios busy and all the fruit and vegetable stands full of mouth-watering produce and flowers.

I'm on a no (or almost no) sugar diet so it pained me to walk by the Korean bakery that sells those delightful little walnut cakes (shaped like walnuts, filled with sweetened bean paste). I stopped to read all the blown-up newspaper ads on the walls of Honest Ed's.

On my way I walked along several tree-lined residential streets, it was wonderful to see and smell the gardens full of flowers and experience the green shade of lovely old maples. There were cherry blossoms and lilacs too. It must be summer already!

I saw a man sitting on his stoop with his little girl, reading a book to her in the sunshine. He had a lovely accent, I think he might have been South Asian, via the UK.

I saw a cyclist towing a huge trailer full of heavy plastic bins of stuff. The trailer was maybe 6' long and 4' wide, and piled up at least 3' high. Behind was another guy, on his skateboard, pushing and steering the unwieldy trailer. They were moving along at a fair clip, it looked like such an efficient way to move a cart full of stuff around city streets! And fun too!

The store didn't have the shampoo in bulk, the clerk said they were in the midst of negotiating a new source for it, so I bought a small bottle of shampoo instead.


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

I love your descriptive writing! I could really see the bicycle, trailer, and person on the skateboard! What an ingenious method of transport. Hope they made it safely to their destination. I suddenly wonder if they had to make more than one trip??!

We should each really SEE our surroundings as you saw yours today.

Thanks and hugs!

Wisewebwoman said...

You reminded me of my running days with Sue. We would train early in the morning and we had a game that we had to talk about 5 things we saw, 5 things we heard and 5 things we smelled. Our morning 10k would go by in a flash, it was a meditation and talk of heightened awareness!.
You sound in fine fettle Annie after your health skirmishes. Are you in town between 11-25. If so, let's do lunch!

Annie said...

Hi Barbara, it seems like I run this constant commentary in my head, thinking aabout writing it in my blog. Every once in a while I actually do! I was curious about those two guys too, whether this was a one-off or there were more trips in the future, or what. I even imagined that it might be someone moving.

I once saw a guy transporting a full-sized piano on a skateboard down a steep hill! That was definitely scary to watch, but the piano did arrive at the bottom of the hill intact.

Annie said...

Hi WWW, I am definitely a lot better than a couple of months ago!

Your morning 10k?!?


I will still be in TO at least until the 20th, most likely longer, and would love to see you for lunch!