Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm still here, just don't have a lot to say. Been a busy week or two though.

Bought a loom and had a spring cold, no doubt brought on by dog lady pub crawl.

Whirlwind visit east by Western Brother, visited our parents' grave and various still-living relatives.

Acupuncturist highly disapproving of dietary disruptions, gave me a lecture on proper eating habits: no sugar no animal fat and *definitely* no birthday cake.

Probably no alcohol either, although I seem to have blocked that part of the lecture out.

Life goes on.


Rain Trueax said...

That is a gorgeous loom. I came very close to buying a loom many years ago but wasn't sure I'd stick with it and they really do take up space but they are so gorgeous. I love the sound of a loom being worked.

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely loom, I want to write a poem to it.
Great to have a reunion.
Be sure to post the ouput of loan. Pics please.

Annie said...

Rain, this loom came at a great price, my weaving instructor said that even if I never stick with it, it will not be a mistake financially. As for space, I had no idea how I'd fit it into my already cramped little apartment, but somehow I did. Who needs floor space anyway?!?

Next thing, learn to warp it. I'm practicing on a table loom at weaving class.

Annie said...

WWW, if you're looking for pics of finished product, please don't hold your breath! This may take a while!!

Barbara Anne said...

You're looking well and happy, Annie!

So glad you and your brother and other family got together as it's good to keep in touch.

LOVE the loom! I've wondered about trying that and love the yarns and woven things. I have so much fabric that I feel honor bound to stick with making quilts for this lifetime!

I look forward to seeing what wonders you create on the loom. Have fun!

'Twas good to have a wee update from you.


Steven said...

The loom! you need a license to operate it?

Annie said...

Barbara Anne, there are so many lovely things about fibre and fabric, it is difficult to choose what to focus on! I think I may be spreading myself way to thin, but the temptations are so great.

Annie said...

Steven, I think as long as I stay off public roads I'll be OK without a licence. ;-)

Rain Trueax said...

I have a small table loom and have woven a few pieces but it's not the same as the big ones. That sound of the shuttle, the pedals, tapping the cloth down is all very emotionally satisfying to me. I have watched the Navajo women weave with their upright looms, and it's just awesome how the patterns grow. If I thought I'd stick to something, I might be tempted to get one someday but I don't tend to be very faithful to that sort of thing. I admire those who can weave