Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's unanimous

Going to be an early spring in the East, no question. Every groundhog in eastern Canada and the USA is in agreement, not a one saw its shadow, thanks to the latest Storm a Week. This one is a biggie. All told we are supposed to get 50 cm (20") over roughly 24 hours here in Kings County. Crazy.

Those groundhogs better be right, can't come too soon for me. Shovelling has lost its novelty, and I can think of a lot better ways to get a little exercise.


20th Century Woman said...

Take it easy, Annie. Let it settle and melt a bit. Cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate. You are right. I feel spring coming.

Rain Trueax said...

It's pretty but from what I saw on the news not a storm to take lightly. It's covered 75% of the US to one degree or another. Out here in my part of the PNW, it's been very cold but no snow or ice.

Annie said...

Letting it settle and melt a bit is actually not a great idea, makes it heavier and icier. Melting is not my friend right now.

No, not a storm to take lightly, the satellite images of this particular storm were incredible, it was huge.

I spent a couple of hours shovelling this morning and hopefully will be able to take a break until next week's storm (apparently due on Tuesday).

Barbara Anne said...

Amazingly, we in Virginia had a 67*F day yesterday, 30*F overnight and just 43*F for the high today. Yesterday was a day to put Spring on your mind and in your heart, for sure!

Stay cozy and safe!