Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family visit: Sixth and last day

The weather was much better on my family's last day in town, I suppose it would have been nicer to do our South Shore tour in the good weather, but we were all glad to have a relaxing day at home.

We did a nice stroll around town, had dessert at the Front Street Cafe. We had been told that the Bread Pudding there was a treat and we were not disappointed.

For supper we went to Rosie's and had seafood and of course their own micro-brewed beer (I think we had the Annapolis Cream Ale, I don't remember for sure). Josh had lobster mac 'n' cheese, I had codfish cakes, and Kim had haddock fish and sweet potato chips. All good!

We also stopped at the Old Burying Grounds.

Many of the gravestones are so old and eroded you can't read the inscriptions, but some are clear.

In the old days gravestones were often marble, and unfortunately marble is very susceptible to damage from acid rain. Thankfully the acid rain is somewhat reduced now, but it has done a heck of a lot of damage.

Sadly, Josh, Kim and Eva headed home early on their seventh day here. I had a wonderful time with them and loved the time I got to spend with baby Eva. She's such a mellow and beautiful little girl!


Barbara Anne said...

Eva is a cutie and it was wonderful that Josh and Kim could make the cross country trip to visit you!

My computer crashed in Feb and of course I didn't have most of my bookmarks written down so have been MIA until the new computer had all of the old info. transferred. I've missed you!

Will play catch-up as time allows...

Here are those good ole virtual hugs!!

Annie said...

Hi Barbara, welcome back! I did wonder what had happened and was considering calling out the dogs to look for you. Glad to hear it was "only" a computer problem!

Hugs back