Monday, April 4, 2011


Family arrive on Wednesday (my birthday, Happy Birthday to Me!) and I am kinda busy today and tomorrow so I probably won't be posting for awhile.

My granddaughter here.... I think the photo is just tooooo cute!

My desktop computer has a serious virus or something, it is unusable for now. Fortunately I have the laptop, as yet uninfected.

The virus my computer caught is nasty. It masquerades as a Microsoft anti-virus program so at first I didn't realize what was going on. By the time I did I had already made a couple of unfortunate mistakes. But apparently the point of this particular nasty bit of malware (I am not sure if it is exactly a virus, "malware" seems to cover all kinds of computer nastiness) is to get me to go to their website and give them my credit card info. Which I was at least alert enough not to do. Anyway, I wasted a bunch of time researching what it was and how to fix it, and managed one sleepless night worrying about it. I figure I either have to reformat the hard drive or get a professional to fix it.

Ironically, I had just done a backup, so reformatting the hard drive is not as catastrophic as it might sound. However the bad news is that the portable hard drive I had backed up to was still connected to the computer when the malware took effect, so I don't know if it is affected too or not. But various people I have asked seem to think that disinfecting the portable hard drive is a little easier than disinfecting the computer. So I may be OK in that regard. If not, well, I am a great believer in redundancy and the most critical bits of data are backed up elsewhere as well. I will lose stuff that I am not happy about, but nothing catastrophic.

It's just extremely annoying and unexpectedly upsetting. One doesn't realize how attached one is to one's computer until it goes down.

We had a sort of a snowstorm over the weekend. Forecast was way worse than the storm itself, the snow---such as it was---pretty much melted away by the end of the weekend. I went to a dance at The Barn in the midst of the storm, and saw a really excellent movie last night: L'affaire "Farewell". It was a subtitled French film about Cold War spies, based on a true story. Very intense, very well done.

The thing that I most enjoyed about this film was kind of quirky, I didn't need the subtitles.

When the film started I was reading the subtitles, I didn't understand what the actors were saying in French. And then quite suddenly some switch in my brain flipped, my ancient French kicked in and it was the subtitles that were gibberish, not the spoken words. I could understand perfectly! One of the spies, a Russian, had a passion for all things French, so at one point he makes a request for tapes of the French singer Leo Ferre, and as soon as I heard that name I knew I knew him. The music took me back to my year in France, and simultaneous to seeing the images on screen I was seeing images from that time in my past running behind my eyeballs.

It was amazing. Things I have not thought about in many decades were right there, so real I could almost touch them. I fully related to the Russian and his passion for the French. So walking out of the theatre after the film had a strange dreamlike feeling, having just lived through this story of Cold War spies so well done that it felt real, and also having just lived through a year in my life so many decades ago.


Rain Trueax said...

The movie sounds like one of those wonderful experiences in viewing where it makes you part of the experience. Happy Birthday and excellent reason for a hiatus. On the computer, I can only offer sympathy as I know how it feels and it takes so little to foul them up

Wisewebwoman said...

I am so glad you have the backup, Annie and also the laptop. It is sickening when this happens, so many creeps out there with nothing to do but prey on innocents and grab their money.
the film sounded lovely to get two experiences for the price of one.
And Eva looks adorable. Enjoy your birthday!