Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cast of characters at the dogpark

I finally took a camera to the dog park!

John and I built a snowman last week and it got knocked down on Thursday but John set it back up on Friday, a few inches shorter, and it survived the weekend! It's still upright! I think it was a matter of principle with John, he was kind of annoyed at the local young vandals who knocked it down. Myself I was surprised it lasted more than a day, and even more impressed that it survived the weekend!

So. Here are some of the local dog characters.

Grover is the King of the dogpark, all dogs either worship Grover or try to challenge him, so far no challenger has succeeded. Still the King.

Grover's principle admirer is Pickles, who licks Grover's face every time he sees him. If Grover is late arriving at the dogpark, Pickles sits by the gate, staring down the road that Grover will arrive by. G.rover appreciates Pickles adoration, although sometimes he wishes Pickles wasn't quite so enthusiastic in his face-licking.

Tereska, She Who Must Be Obeyed. The dogs love and fear her, even Grover. It was funny the other day when Tereska came up to Grover and gave him hell for hogging a ball, I've never seen Grover look sheepish and a trifle scared before.

The dogs surrounding Tereska include Magnum and Chico (two black dogs on the left), Pickles (foreground), Petunia the boxer, Sheba an older all white swaybacked dog staring up at Tereska, Abbie the little spaniel with the jacket behind Sheba, Sophie the white and tan foxhound with her face just below Petunia's belly, and I am afraid I don't remember the name of the black and white dog behind Tereska.

This is Dobby and Shiva play fighting. Shiva is the fastest dog in the park, he looks terribly handsome in his sleek yellow and black racing jacket.

The big grey poodle in this picture is Henry, he literally bounces up and down when he is excited. The little one next to him is Abbie. In the background are Petunia the boxer, Magnum (black), Sheba (white) and I think Digby, who looks a bit fox-like. Henry and Abbie are sniffing a snowpile that serves as a surrogate fire hydrant, while the rest of the dogs are checking out the fallen snowman.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

What an array of delightful doggy neighbors Dobby gets to play with at the park!

Hope you're staying warm these freezing cold days and nights!

Hugs! :D

Zabetha said...

Warm?!? Ha! I wish!