Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dora's back

For those of you who are disgusted by the 2010 Olympics in BC (I count myself as one who is disgusted by the Olympics in general), here's some good news: the Red Tent Campaign.

Yes I know that the Olympics provide wonderful opportunities and motivation for young athletes---every evil has an upside---but as far as I am concerned the evil of it is overwhelming. I could go on for awhile about why I feel that way, but I digress. Go visit the Red Tent Campaign article and website for news of an innovative and heartening initiative.

And yes, Dora's back, with a brand new motherboard. This is her first post, and so far so good.

I was at Sam's place in D'Arcy when Dora the Teeny Tiny computer broke down, and I had my browser home page set to the Environment Canada local weather page, Pemberton, when it happened. So it was kind of nostalgic and interesting to get that weather report from another world when I first fired up the internet connection. I have the Toronto weather as my browser home page on my desktop computer; it's kind of fun to have the Pemberton BC weather report as an alternative. Toronto is below zero, Pemberton is above. Pemberton has snow, Toronto does not. I find the friggin' cold with no snow a little bizarre, but apparently this is normal here.

But Wiarton Willie saw his shadow today (he shoulda been in TO, no shadow here!) so it's six more weeks of winter!


Wisewebwoman said...

We're minus 12 here, Annie, and thank Maude I don't have to sleep in a red tent. Very good cause and the timing is impeccable.
When did every sport become all 'optics' and money?
I've got no time for the Olympics either, especially when it is used as an excuse to prorogue our democratic process.

20th Century Woman said...

Here in the far west we had winter in November, and since them my fuchsias have been outside. I keep thinking winter will come again, but so far the flowers are blooming and the leaves are coming out. Perhaps we don't have any groundhogs out here.

Annie said...

Oh the temp here keeps bouncing around, one day it's above 0C (32F), the next -10C. The odd snow flurry but nothing sticking. However, hardly weather for fuschias!