Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunday morning big ass quiche

The Dog Ladies did it again. This time at Grace's home.

We had talked about getting together sometime after I got back from BC, but trying to get the six of us together is rather like herding cats. We used to meet regularly at the dogpark, but our schedules have changed, and some of us no longer even go to the dogpark, some of us have chosen to walk our dogs elsewhere (not going to mention names here...).

Catherine insisted that Grace make her "old big ass quiche", Grace wanted a Sunday brunch with mimosas, and Sandra and I wanted it to be at Grace's house because we were sure it must be very interesting. And it was.

In the end we settled on the time and place and Grace agreed to make her old big ass quiche. Fatima brought champagne and OJ for the mimosas, I brought a baked French toast with fruit and maple syrup, and Barb brought cardamom squares. Sandra brought flowers and Catherine slept in. She never showed up at all!

Grace's home is magnificent. She has a two-storey condo in an old factory/warehouse, and she has lived there for 20 years and fixed it up quite nicely. She lives there with her partner, two cats and dog Indy. It has high ceilings, old wood floors and ceilings and brick walls. There's a skylight in the roof and an opening in the second level floor so that you can see from the dining room on the ground floor all the way up to the sky.

Grace made some big sliding shutters for the kitchen window (which looks out onto a garage across the alleyway) that are covered in four big shiny tin ceiling tiles with a large circular pattern, normally used for where a chandelier would hang from. They look spectacular on the shutters.

We waited around for Catherine to show up, Grace left her several messages but she never responded. Finally we gave up and got down to serious eating and drinking. A couple of hours later Catherine called to say she had only just woken up. Oh well!

Barb and Grace and I have decided that the next event will be a sort of pub crawl. Barb wants to find a good pub that serves craft beer in the neighbourhood. There are of course a bunch of them in the city, but she wants one close by, close enough to walk to and stagger home from. We think we have a line on one, but if not then I guess it really will be a crawl.

The old big ass quiche was exactly that, and really really good.


Barbara Anne said...

Oh, is the recipe available for those of us who aspire to .... big asses?!

Sounds like a marvelous group of those who know how to make the most of life. Even Catherine who slept in!

Pink or blue?? DS1 kept his back to the U/S machine so he was a surprise.


Wisewebwoman said...

My kind of women, my kind of time.