Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Third time's the charm

Josh called this past weekend when I was out at the Dog Lady brunch (more later about that). He talked to Isaac and left a message for me to call him. Isaac wouldn't say what it was about, but I immediately guessed (as apparently Isaac had told Josh that I would). Josh called me again today when I was in woodcarving class and I congratulated him on his news.

I'll be a grandmother again in August.

I guess they knew when I was staying with them in New Westminster in late December and early January, but they were reluctant to say because it was so early.

We also chatted a bit about the Olympics, Josh works at the airport and he says this is definitely a rich people's event. He says the Vancouver airport has never seen so many private jets from all over the world, ever. They're just stacked up there.


Barbara Anne said...

Oh congratulations and happy dancing!!!! What lucky grandchildren you have - I mean, how many kids can brag that their grandmother built a kayak???! Impressive!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I echo Barbara Anne, Annie, marvellous news, lucky baby to have you!

Annie said...

I think my grandchildren are very lucky too, but for other reasons! And yes, I am very happy and can't wait to see him or her! They're having an ultrasound today, so maybe we'll know the sex soon too. Boys run in this family, girls in hers, we'll see who has the stronger genes. Just kidding!

Barbara Anne said...

Any news about blue or pink?????!

I remember Jerry Lewis singing a song long ago titled "Think Pink" as at the time he had several sons and a little bun was in the oven. I never knew if they had a little girl or not.